water painting #4

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhen it’s all said and done, my current series called “WATER” will be made up of seven oil paintings. Some of these are inspired by the shores of Lake Michigan, and some are from the Low Country area of South Carolina. This particular piece (which I’m temporarily calling “water #4” […]

smelling roses while finishing water painting #2

Export to PDF | Export to DOCDo you see the blue vase with the yellow roses sitting next to my easel? This morning I went into my neighbor’s yard (at her generous request) and picked myself a new crop of roses. I wish you could smell their sweet fragrance… it’s been quite inspiring. They have […]

Painting deck boards (water painting #2)

My painting of the boardwalk over the salt marshes at Edisto Beach State Park is starting to come together. Here are some photos…

Thinking about Edisto Island while painting “Water #2″

We went camping at Edisto Island, SC so that I could take lots of pictures that I would later turn into paintings. Here’s “water painting #2” in my series called WATER.

10 days and counting…(water painting #6)

I have ten days left to finish my challenge called “Five Paintings in Five weeks” Here’s photos of Water Painting #6:…

finishing up water painting #3

Here’s some progress on Marie Scott’s current painting. It’s landscape inspired by a photo she took at Lake Michigan, on the Saugatuck side.

enjoying the heat while painting “water #6”

“Some like it hot. Some like it HOT.” I like it HOT, so lucky me, it’s 84 degrees in my studio while I’m painting today. Which comes in handy since I’m painting beach scenes.

thinking about orphan care while painting “water #5”

Here’s a painting from some photos I took in Saugatuck, Michigan. My blog post today shows progress of the water painting I’m calling “#5.”