Tribute to a Beached Sea Creature

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This is definitely NOT the best painting I have ever created.

Not by a long shot.

But sometimes you need to try something new. Just to see if it sticks.

I tried a different approach to making this painting. It kinda bombed.

Here is it is.

I call it “Ashore.”


When painting this particular piece, I did something I NEVER do. Not because I am afraid to do it. But because it doesn’t work. At least not for me. 


WHY did I do it?

Impatience. I didn’t want to wait.

Or invest the time, work, and energy that I KNEW deep down it would take to get what I REALLY wanted.


What did I DO wrong?

Wet on wet. Instead of wet on dry. 

Which basically means allowing time in my life to work in layers. All, which need time in between to dry before starting up again.


What did I GET?

A different look for sure. But not the kind I wanted.

For some reason, when I began this painting, I thought I might get different results by mushing a LOT of different colors of wet paint together. But I got what I always get when I take this approach. A dull, sad-looking painting.


What did I LEARN?

More than anything, it was actually a Life Lesson that I learned.

What sounds like an easy fix, very rarely brings about the results I am hoping for. My easy fixes are probably your worst nightmare. And vice versa.


So now, WHAT?

Stop doing this to myself.

Stop trying to JAM parts of my life into boxes in which they simply don’t belong. Stop taking shortcuts. Stop looking for easy fixes. 

Stop putting ALL the colors of paint onto the canvas in one sitting. Without giving them time to dry. Or space to grow.


What does this MEAN?

Something completely different. For everyone.

But in general, it probably means first finding what you love to do most. And then once you discover what that is — stick with it. 


STICK with it.

For the long haul. Through thick and thin. 

Even when you feel like aStarfish out of water. Because chances are, if you wait around for the next tide to come in, the waves will probably gather you up and send you back to where you belong. 



NOT my best painting. But maybe the reminder I needed to hear.

AUGUST 2017 Desktop Calendar 300px

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