Noticing 1.534246575342466 Things to Celebrate (each day!)

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There are usually a limitless number things to celebrate.

Even for my dog Lucy (shown the photo above) caught in the moment celebrating a whole lot of happy things to smell on a beautiful July morning.


14,000 things to be happy about book

Have you ever seen this book?

As the title implies, the book is simply a list of 14,000 random things.

But all things that made the AUTHOR happy.


I bought the book back when I was in college. 

Back when months seemed like years, and years felt like decades.

Back when the idea of finding my OWN 14,000 things to be happy about — seemed like a ridiculous number. An impossibility.

receipt for 14,000 things book.jpg

To be exact, I purchased the book on March 14, 1992.

Almost exactly three months before I graduated into adulthood. Almost exactly three months before I began to fall in love with a young man who then later became my husband. And then stuck around with me through all kinds of ups. And downs.

A young man who is now actually an old-ish man. But an old-ish man that I still love. And like. Even MORE than I did 25 years ago.

With 25-plus-years now under my belt, I could definitely write my OWN list of 14,000 things to celebrate.

Just check out this easy math:

14,000 things divided by 25 years = 560 things per year
560 things divided by 365 days = 1.534246575342466 things per day


1.534246575342466 Things to Celebrate.

Anyone could do that!

No matter what the circumstances are, it seems quite reasonable to me that everyone should be able to find at least 1.5 things to be happy about per day. 

And this is coming from a recent place of not feeling very happy for a long, long time. 

That was, until I started to look around. And start to notice again, like I used to, that there are most definitely things to be happy about. Countless things to celebrate.

I am not saying it will always be easy.

Just possible. 

My birthday is coming up this month. Maybe the gift I will give to myself this year is a journal.

place to write down my 1.534246575342466 Things to Celebrate per day.

Those things that make ME happy. Things to remind me that there is still a whole-lotta-goodness left in this old world.

And then when I am yet ANOTHER 25 years older…

I will have my OWN book to read. To help me to remember. 

How much richer life becomes, when you try to celebrate MORE things that not.

I like to celebrate with pictures.

So here are a few photos of one of my latest paintings in progress. I started calling it   “Celebrate Everything!”  before I even began the painting.

I saw this yellow flower growing in my parents Wisconsin garden in July. I noticed it from inside the house and was drawn out to look at it more closely with my camera.

It looked to be in the first day of opening itself up from a tightly closed blossom, now lazily stretching its petals after waking up from its long winter’s nap.

What caught my eye most of all was the way it was lifting its delicate arms up toward heaven and singing out a very happy “Thank you!”



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I also like to remember with pictures.

If you do too… then here is a reminder you can have for the month of November. Your very own copy of my painting called “Celebrate Everything” to use on your desktop.

November 2017 Desktop Calendar600px

To download this painting as a FREE desktop calendar for the month of November, simply click here!

Until next time…
I hope you stay on the lookout for YOUR 1.534246575342466 Things to Celebrate!

Marie Scott


PS If you want to purchase your own copy of the book  “14,000 things to be happy about.”

Order it by clicking here.

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  1. As I ALWAYS have; TRULY appreciate and enjoy Your musings, thoughts and the sharing of your introspective tender heart feelings.

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