The Reason behind all the Celebrating…

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Peace on Earth cake in studio

“PEACE ON EARTH” • 8 inch x 8″ original oil painting • ©2017 Marie Scott

It occurred to me last month, in the midst of my own personal Birthday Celebration, that an attitude adjustment regarding CHRISTMAS could do me some good this year.

If you’ve been living in the United States since before Halloween — you don’t need ME to tell you that the commercialism and self-imposed chaos surrounding Christmas has gotten a little out-of-control.

And if this bothers YOU as much as it bothers ME — you know it’s difficult to not let the irritation this evokes overshadow a GREATER JOY that COULD be found in this wonderful Holiday Season.

So THIS year, I am trying something new…

Instead of being MAD at Christmas, I am going to look at it as an opportunity. For my heart. To rejoice.

Which is why I painted Christmas its very own Birthday Cake this year. To help me remember that this Season is about a celebration. A birthday party. For a real person.

Jesus. His birth some 2000+ years ago is a legitimate REASON to CELEBRATE!

This little cake is a reminder to myself that Christmas is really a birthday party. A birthday that happened for one reason. To bring peace between ALL People and God.

So THIS year, instead of being all-bent-out-of-shape-angry at the extra time is takes to make this holiday “happen” — INSTEAD I am trying to look at Christmas as one big month-long Party. 

  • A party I am lucky enough to be a part of
  • A party I will gladly help facilitate
  • A party of gratitude
  • A party for my own heart

A party with a guest list that has included ALL People!

If you want to find out more about what I am talking about — why not read the book of LUKE this month?

The book of Luke has 24 short chapters, so if you start today and read just one chapter per day, you’ll finish the book JUST IN TIME for the big “birthday party!” 

DECEMBER 2017 Desktop Calendar 600

If you’d like a daily visual REMINDER of what all the celebrating is about during this extra busy month — I would love for you to enjoy my FREE 2017 December Desktop Calendar on your device.

Click here to have it emailed right to your computer.

Save the file that comes to your inbox in a place you can easily find it. Then just set it as your wallpaper. (If you don’t know how to do this. Ask a friend who is 18 or younger. Surely they will know what I am talking about. And probably point out that my instructions are not even remotely accurate or helpful.)

Wishing you a Christmas Season that brings Peace. Between YOU, and the One whose birthday has created the reason for all the Celebrating!

— Marie Scott


“PEACE ON EARTH” • 8 inch x 8″ original oil painting • ©2017 Marie Scott



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