Gratitude. For friendship.

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Friends are like flowers.

Some flowers arrive to commemorate a special occasion. They are loved for their presence during that moment in time, but they soon fade away. Good memories that were short lived, but still oh-so-sweet.

There are friends like this too. Beautiful “bouquets” who fill your life with a rich fragrance that is remembered even after they are gone.

Other friends are like “annuals.” There with you for an entire season of life. Deeply loved; so appreciated. And despite the limited one-season-of-life you share together, they are still another beautiful memory adding a deep layer of richness to the fabric of your life.

Then there are “Perennial” friendships.

Like their namesake in the world of gardening, perennial friends return back to you season after season; year after year. They may take a break for the winter, but come spring, they are alive again in your garden. Their deep roots making them fuller and stronger as the years pass by, able to weather alongside you, whatever changes may come your way.

Like the countless layers of petals circling the inner core of this happy daisy in my painting called “Charleston Gerbera” — perennial friendships are built upon layers and layers of shared experiences and moments of trust. Petal by petal, they are formed, shaped, built, strengthened.

Bouquets. Annuals. Perennials.

Each of these friendships serving a purpose. Each beautiful in their own way. May your gratitude for friendships of ALL kinds, never end.


Would you like to make a reminder?

A reminder to be thankful for your friendships.
[ All you need is a pumpkin. ]

And these directions.

And this piece of art.

“May this ‘Gratitude Pumpkin’ be a symbol to remind you of all the Goodness in your life. As you pass by it each day, let it cause you to reflect on all the different friendships you’ve enjoyed over the years. And how each of those relationships has added to the richness of your life.” — Marie Scott

If you’d like to read how my painting shown above reminds me of some of my own friendships, visit my website at

Marie Scott

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