We’ve had WALL Pox at our house!

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My family room's got the WALL Pox.

My foyer's got the WALL POX too!

(It's like the Chicken Pox on ALL my walls)

They are everywhere...

...and they are driving me CRAZY!

More POX. More SPOTS. More wall-PAINTING-work for me.

Mythic Paint to the rescue!

This is most of the paint colors that I used in our house. Each one of these open cans represents a room with WALL POX that I had to remedy by Re-PAINTING over the white spots.

Ahhhhh.... MUCH better! Just one short month after the Wall Pox struck, we

So what exactly is the “WALL POX?” When we built our house in November, 2009 they told us NOT to paint any of the walls until we had lived here for at least a year. OH MY GOSH! That was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard! Not paint my walls for one year??? Never.

We knew that as the house settled and whatever else new houses do, that there would be places where the nails would pop out of the dry wall. I KNEW that I would have to go back and fix all these nail pops someday, but that didn’t stop me from painting my house within the first few months.

So the first week of January a very nice man came and spent a couple of hours hammering all our “nail pops” back into place. Then he patched those areas, creating the start of WALL POX. I had to make it worse before I could make it better. I had to prime all those areas with white paint, so that’s when the spots grew even larger.

Truth-be-told, it was totally worth the few hours it took me to cure the WALL POX, in exchange for not having to live in an all white house for 12 months. I seriously could not handle that.

5 thoughts on “We’ve had WALL Pox at our house!

    • I am too (glad I kept the rug.) Once I took my Christmas Tree down it fit perfectly with the room. This morning i FINALLY just removed the old rug that was still below the new one. I think I’ll put that one upstairs in our bedroom for summer.

    • I know!!! I honestly would have been willing to repaint the entire room if it was between that or having white walls for 12 months. My eyes couldn’t have handled that. I am glad it was only spots I had to repaint though.

  1. o my gosh i am so with you!!! i could NEVER live in a house full of white walls for a whole year!!

    i had lived in apartments (WHITE WALLS) almost my whole life before we bought our house here in WI. i was SO happy to be able to paint!! we painted EVERYWHERE before we moved in! HAD to be done!! 🙂

    glad your wall pox got cured. everything looks BEAUTIFUL!!

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