Deep Sleep. The best gift ever.

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I received the most amazing gift this Christmas…

A 14 pound Weighted Blanket.

Ever since seeing the episode of NBC’s Parenthood where Hattie gives her brother Max a 25 pound blanket, I’ve been joking that I needed one too. Never thinking I actually DID need a weighted blanket.

But Tim thought there may actually be something to this idea.

Maybe he was clued in by the fact that I was using more blankets per night than a normal person could ever want or need. Or, maybe he was just motivated to remedy the nightly blanket chaos that often crept onto his side by morning.

Regardless of the reasoning, my thoughtful husband has changed my life!

Ever since adding 14 pounds of weight to cover my body, I have enjoyed the deepest, most luxurious sleep I’ve experienced in decades. If you think you might need a weighted blanket too, here’s where Tim got mine…

I would add a photo of my new most prized possession, but there really is nothing pretty about this blanket. It is purely functional (yet purely perfect) for my sensitive body — which apparently needs to be covered by 14 pounds of weight per night, before feeling just right.

Since I can’t show you the blanket, here is a another incredibly thoughtful (yet unfortunately not quite so appreciated) gift that was given in our house this year.

Christmas 2012

CHRISTMAS DAY 2012. Lucy wearing her new hand-made scarf, loving woven for her by our son.

Lucy's new scarf. Not a favorite gift.

FIVE SECONDS LATER. Lucy frantically removing her new scarf. Apparently NOT a favorite gift.

4 thoughts on “Deep Sleep. The best gift ever.

  1. I didn’t know there was such a thing. Maybe I need that. I’ve always love heavier comforts and bedspreads. And I’ve always liked the feel of the lead apron the dentists put on people for xrays. Thought I was just odd. No comments on that one please! Thank you Marie!

    • It actually does feel like the lead blanket at the dentist. The best thing is that it only covers my side. Tim thinks it is way too heavy, but I LOVE it! I think I have to travel with it… I’m not sure I could sleep without it now. 🙂

    • I know!! One of my neighbors just texted me and said she wanted one for her birthday. She is going to come over and test it out. Maybe I should start making and selling these in my shop. LOL! Just what I need… another project idea. 🙂

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