done! (“afternoon nap”)

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AFTERNOON NAP • 30 inches x 40 inches • ©2010 Marie Scott

I’ve had this piece hanging up for several months now, and decided long ago that it just wasn’t “quite right.” So just last week I FINALLY put the finishing touches on it, and I’m happy with the results.

Here’s the before and after photos… the changes I made were very subtle, but now that I’ve “fixed” it, I belive it’s DONE!

“Afternoon nap” is one of the 19 new paintings I created in 2010 that you’ll be able to see in person if you visit me at Greenville Open Studios this Friday and Saturday.

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Here it is before I did anything. After staring at this painting for five months, I felt like the grasses were too pale.

To remedy the problem, I added some shadows in the grasses to make the lighter shades of grass really pop. Then I added a thin glaze of yellow to the grass under the tree. I wanted to give it a little more texture than the hills in the distance.

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