new prints of sunflower #5!

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Sunflower #5 • 24 inches x 24 inches • ©2010 Marie Scott

My new prints were delivered!

They came wrapped so nice and neat, like lots of birthday presents for me!

Since the printing is a limited edition, I number, title and sign each of them in pencil. I then put them in clear bags (or frames.)

Here's the giclee print on canvas. I stretched it onto the same size stretcher bars as the original. I think it is a perfect match to the original.

This is the original hanging on the wall. It was cloudy the day I took the photo last winter, but it at least gives you an idea of how close the match between the original and print is.

Here's the original painting when it was first finished last winter.

It is part of a series of five sunflower paintings. Thus the oh-so-creative name of SUNFLOWER #5.

Last winter I completed a series of five sunflower paintings. And then sure enough, my very favorite one of the five sold.

Since it was sold to a client in Milwaukee, before making the delivery I decided to have it “captured” by my fine art printer, Prime Digital Media (which is also located in Milwaukee.)  That way I could have prints made when the time was right.

So since March, PDM has been holding onto the file for me, until I finally placed my first order in the beginning of September.

When they all arrived at my studio, it felt like Christmas! They were each wrapped up like little presents that I had to gently unwrap.

There are three different variations for this new print.

The small paper prints are actually my favorite. They are just adorable when you see them in person!


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