Pretty, yellow walls… (“mt. tam Part 7)

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MT. TAM • 30 inches x 40 inches • 2010 Marie Scott • Here it is, shown hanging in its new home in Kansas CIty, MO

I absolutely LOVE the shade of yellow these walls are painted. I think that yellow acts as the most wonderfully sunny neutral as a wall color. If you still haven't decided what color to paint your WHITE walls (and please, please, please... PLEASE paint them a color, or I will be SO sad for you) how about a nice warm yellow? It will make you smile... especially during the dreary days of winter.

My business has seen better days (and weeks, and years.) The economy has wreaked havoc with my sales during each and every one of  the juried art shows I’ve done this fall.

I’m seriously questioning whether or not I should continue painting, and wondering how I will stay in business in 2011.

But then I received these two photos. They came from a family who’s commissioned painting project I finished up this summer. I shipped the oil painting to them a couple of weeks ago, and they were nice enough to send me a photo of how it looks in their home.

When I saw the sun shining in on their pretty, yellow walls, it made me smile. I hope the photos of this sunny room brighten up your day too. 🙂

This kind e-mail also came along too, and brought a little cheer into my life.

“Oh my gosh Marie, I’m thrilled with this painting. Absolutely thrilled. Erin has temporarily assigned it to the mantle (and actually I love seeing it there) but I’m looking forward to giving it a permanent home here in my recording studio.

Thank you so much. You’re a genius.”

“Hi again. I woke up this morning and headed down the hallway and was greeted by my new painting on the mantle. Yep, I still love it. Not just like it. Love it. I want to stare. Even more than that, I want to be there, in the painting.”

Many thanks to my Missouri Fans for all this encouragement.

Never underestimate the power of your words. They can either make or break somebody’s day.

To see photos of this painting in progress, click here on this link.

4 thoughts on “Pretty, yellow walls… (“mt. tam Part 7)

  1. so nice to see your bright painting (pretty yellow walls) on a mantle. So that brings me to a question I have had for a very long time, but never had the courage to ask. I have a piece of yours, Lake Michigan, I believe, inspired by one of your many drives to/from a job you found less than inspiring. I have hung this above my desk, in an office devoid of windows and natural light. As a I approach my office from the hall, it almost looks like a window to the lake shore. But the question is about framing. What do I use for framing material? Or do I even need a frame? Is the art work diminished without a frame? I cannot decide. If I get it framed, I would want it to accent the piece and not detract from it. But how big? I imagine some aged barn wood would look great, but then the search for such wood that can be used for framing. I talked about it to a woman from a local framing shop, but really think her opinions may have been influenced by self interest (Getting my business). I would appreciate your thoughts.

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