Pretty, yellow walls… (“mt. tam Part 7)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy business has seen better days (and weeks, and years.) The economy has wreaked havoc with my sales during each and every one of  the juried art shows I’ve done this fall. I’m seriously questioning whether or not I should continue painting, and wondering how I will stay in […]

They’re happy. So I’m happy. (“archer place” part 7)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThis E-MAIL came in May. “Oh my gosh, Marie!  It is stunning!  Absolutely beautiful.  I CANNOT believe the level of detail that you have in your painting and the colors are so vibrant.  We freaking love it!!! Judi was extremely surprised and loves it.  We immediately hung it in our dining room.  We still […]

How an oil painting becomes a Giclee print (“sunflower #5″)

If you like sunflowers, check out my newest print offering. Sunflower #5 is now available as a Giclee Print on canvas!

Why I gave up graphic design (Milwaukee delivery #2)

I simply went to deliver a painting, but came away totally encouraged and uplifted by the patron who bought my little painting. Here’s some ramblings on why I gave up graphic design and love being an artists.

Delivering “sunflower #2” (Milwaukee delivery #1)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCLast weekend I delivered three paintings to three different people who live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My first delivery was to New Berlin, WI where my painting called SUNFLOWER #2 is now owned by a happy couple named John and Janet. If you had been watching the posts on my […]

My painting lives in Spain

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThis oil painting is called CIRCLES. It’s an abstract I painted in 2006 for some old college friends who now live in Spain. Their home is so inviting–the painting seems to be just the perfect finishing touch. Let’s take a tour of their lovely room…