Another sunflower painting finds a good home (Milwaukee Delivery #3)

I delivered my very favorite sunflower painting recently. I was so pleased when I pulled up to see that my painting matched the feel of their darling home. My blog shows photos of the exterior improvements they made to their home.

Why I gave up graphic design (Milwaukee delivery #2)

I simply went to deliver a painting, but came away totally encouraged and uplifted by the patron who bought my little painting. Here’s some ramblings on why I gave up graphic design and love being an artists.

Delivering “sunflower #2” (Milwaukee delivery #1)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCLast weekend I delivered three paintings to three different people who live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My first delivery was to New Berlin, WI where my painting called SUNFLOWER #2 is now owned by a happy couple named John and Janet. If you had been watching the posts on my […]

What is a FAMSTER? (mine took a long trip!)

Read today’s blog to find out more about FAMSTERS. Mine took a trip. You can get your own through the Famsterville Web site.

Winter in Bay View, Wisconsin

Export to PDF | Export to DOC I would be lying if I told you I missed the snow in Milwaukee. (But you’ve probably already gathered that from the warm-weather propaganda I’ve been preaching since the beginning of my painting career.) It sure does look beautiful in this picture though! I loved, loved, Loved this house. From […]