“bait stand” is done (AGAIN!)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOn March 25 2010, I blogged about having just finished this painting called “bait stand.” As time went by, and this painting dried, I noticed something weird going on in the upper left corner of the painting. The longer it dried, the more that a group of strange, dull […]

Painting “beach”

I love being at the beach! Here’s a painting of a palm tree on the beach, from my series called “VACATION.”

Painting “buoys” (from my VACATION series)

If you love the beach, then check out photos of my newest painting called “buoys” as it’s in progress.

Painting “boat dock” (part 3)

Here’s the progress of the painting I’ve been working on called “Boat Dock.” It’s from a photo I took while on vacation in Cedar Key, FL. It is one of four in my series called “VACATION.”

DONE! “Bait Stand” (part 6)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI finished an oil painting I’ve named “bait stand” today! (And since I have six different pieces in the works right now, it feels good to have at least ONE of them completely DONE!) Click here to read the story behind this painting on my web site.

Shrimp, Finger, Mullet (painting “bait stand” part 5)

Today I’ve worked on three different paintings. Here’s a few photos…

What is a FAMSTER? (mine took a long trip!)

Read today’s blog to find out more about FAMSTERS. Mine took a trip. You can get your own through the Famsterville Web site.

Painting “bait stand” (part 3)

Here’s some photos showing the progress of my painting called “bait stand.” It’s inspired by a photo I took when we were on vacation in Cedar Key, FL.

Cedar Key, Florida–go there if you can!

Export to PDF | Export to DOChttp://www.cedarkey.org/island.html#about We spent the first half of last week in Milwaukee for the unexpected funeral of Tim’s boss/mentor for the past 10 years–a wonderful man that we will all dearly miss. 🙁 Got back from that trip late Tuesday night, then left early Wednesday morning for a short vacation […]