Painting “beach”

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DAY FIVE: Here's my current painting called BEACH. It's not done yet, but you can get the idea of what it will look like when completed.

This is the final painting in my series called VACATION!

I love watching the leaves of palm trees sway in the wind… it’s so soothing to me. And since I don’t live in a place that has these kinds of large palm trees, I completely associate them with being on vacation.


painting the sky...

painting water....

DAY TWO: underpainting the sand a bright yellow

DAY THREE: painting the sand and the tree trunk

DAY FOUR: starting the palm branches and leaves (are those called fronds?)

...more branches.

DAY FIVE: Painting more palm branches...

and more palm branches... this is getting old!

...and even more palm branches!

Here I am at the end of the day. It's not done yet, but on its way!

Here are all four photos I used as inspiration for my paintings in the series called VACATION!

4 thoughts on “Painting “beach”

  1. I just love your painting style. You include so many colors when you paint your shadows. It gives such a depth to them and makes the painting come alive. How do you choose which colors to include?

    • Thanks, Carla! I usually put lots of blues and browns in the shadows. I don’t even own a tube of black paint because I don’t like how cold it makes the painting feel. I get my darks by mixing Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. Then I’ll just throw in whatever color is on my palette from other areas of the painting. That helps tie it all together. Hope this helps!

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