painting “pear orchard” (part 2)

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DAY THREE: Today I worked on my painting called PEAR ORCHARD. It's days like today that I'm thankful that I work in Oils because they stay wet for a day or two (or even longer just depending on how thick you put it on.) This isn't a great place to stop, but I'm out of time. Sometimes it's better to walk away and come back in the morning with a fresh perspective. So that's what I'll do! Tomorrow morning I'll finish the hill in the foreground and then start the Pear Trees (the fun yet tricky part!)

Here's where I had left off on DAY TWO.

DAY THREE: Today I worked on refining the sky, water, and three background hills.

DAY THREE: There's not a huge contrast between before and after I worked on this painting today. Mostly because I was just putting a second layer onto everything I had already done. If you look real closely, however, you'll notice that the sky is richer and the water is deeper. As of now, I'm thinking that all the areas except the hill and trees in the foreground are done. But that could change once I get back to this tomorrow.

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