Happy Arbor Day! (painting “pear orchard” part 3)

I wish I could have planted five pear trees in my yard today! But since we don’t quite have the room for that, I’ll have to be content to paint them. My painting called “pear orchard” shows just that… a row of 5 pear trees in full bloom!

painting “pear orchard” (part 2)

I was captivated by the pear trees when they were in bloom this spring. My next oil painting is piece with a row of five pear trees in bloom. It’s not completed yet, but here it is in progress.

Painting “pear orchard”

The pear trees were covered with fluffy white blossoms for a couple of weeks. I just had to capture their beauty so I created a large painting with a row of pear trees. This artwork is called “pear orchard.”