“going to the beach” at Hilton Head, SC

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This is DEFINITELY going to be a painting.

One of the fun things we did this summer was take a short trip down to Hilton Head, SC for a few days.

Here in South Carolina, when referring to their vacation plans, EVERYONE says “We’re going to the beach.” But they don’t ever say WHICH beach they are talking about. Being a fairly new resident to the South, this is rather frustrating to me — mostly because I want to be able to picture what they are talking about. But I think it’s just because the locals here visit the same beach every year, so in their mind their is only one beach.

I realized that’s actually the way it is in Wisconsin too, where everyone says “we’re going up north.” Which means they’re going to stay at a cabin in the woods, probably on a clear, peaceful lake in the middle of nowhere. And they on Friday night they’ll go out to a little corner bar for a “fish fry” (meaning a dinner of thickly breaded and deep-fried cod, potato pancakes, and cole slaw — which is actually quite tasty if you can look past the nutritional issues with eating that meal.)

As fas as South Carolina goes, my personal goal is to always specify WHICH beach we’re actually visiting. Maybe someday that will change, but for now the rebel in me doesn’t want to blend in too completely to the Southern culture.

Our family’s goal is to try out ALL the beaches. And since one of the three sides of this state borders the ocean, that may take a lifetime to accomplish. But I’m motivated by the fact that I’m always looking for new scenery to paint, so it’s at least a goal to shoot for.

All this to say… here’s some photos from our recent “trip to the beach” at Hilton Head Island, SC.

I think I got several photos that will make great paintings someday… hopefully some even this coming fall and winter!

And maybe this one...

...or maybe this one.

Or even this one.

We spent a morning biking around the wildlife reserve on the Island. I think some of these marsh photos will be paintings someday too.

This MIGHT be a painting...

This is could POSSIBLY be a painting.

Here's my cute bike. Bought purely for it's aesthetic value. At the time I bought it, I hadn't ridden a bike in 20 years. I thought it's cuteness (and high price tag) would motivate me to learn again. It actually DID! It took all last summer to feel comfortable, but now I love riding!

Shrimp boats...

Here's the famous light house at Hilton Head... you can actually go up inside of it. You can also buy LOTS of souveneirs both inside and around this lighthouse.

Here's some strangers skipping stones at the beach. If I could paint people, this would DEFINITELY be a painting. I like the rows of shells on the beach created by the tide.

Three Scott's... Tim, Nathan, and Marie. Unless you've been to Hilton Head in the summer, you can't even imagine how hot and humid it was. Fortunately our motto is "just embrace the heat and let yourself sweat" so we didn't mind the heat! 🙂

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