A little help to get you started making some art…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCHere’s a snowman I sketched over Christmas break. I printed two copies out on watercolor paper, and then my son Nathan and I painted them together. It started out all fun and games… but then unfortunately, the right side of my brain took over. (The side where there are […]

photo inspiration from Kay

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy friend Kay is a photographer. She just e-mailed me these photos, to use as inspiration for some future paintings. They are so striking and cheerful, that I just needed to share them with you too. Don’t they just make you smile?┬áHave a sunny weekend!

Back home in Indiana…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWe spent a relaxing week in Indiana, visiting our family and friends in the beginning of August. I love the summer in Northern Indiana. Nothing beats the views of lush, green fields accented by red barns. It’s Christmas for your eyes (without the snow!) Here’s some photos from our […]

“going to the beach” at Hilton Head, SC

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOne of the fun things we did this summer was take a short trip down to Hilton Head, SC for a few days. Here in South Carolina, when referring to their vacation plans, EVERYONE says “We’re going to the beach.” But they don’t ever say WHICH beach they are […]

Sunflowers are Fun flowers!

Export to PDF | Export to DOCIf you love sunflowers as much as I do, here’s some visual inspiration for you! My husband stumbled across this field of sunflowers while driving home from a hike in the mountains. Knowing my delight over this kind of scene, he took me back there — equipped with my […]

Greenville Drive vs. Greensboro Grasshoppers (This should be a painting!)

This fall I’m planning on painting a scene from a Greenville Drive baseball game. Here’s some photos I took at a game.