Sunflowers are Fun flowers!

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Surely this field of sunflowers will make a great series of landscape paintings someday!

I like the silo in the background...

Check out my website to see the series of five sunflower paintings that I created earlier this year....

This field of sunflowers is located in the upstate of South Carolina... not too far from the mountains.

Three sunflowers...

tall sunflowers...

more sunflowers!

If you love sunflowers as much as I do, here’s some visual inspiration for you!

My husband stumbled across this field of sunflowers while driving home from a hike in the mountains. Knowing my delight over this kind of scene, he took me back there — equipped with my camera– so I could take some photos which someday I’ll turn into a series of oil paintings.

While we were out traipsing through the field, somebody pulled over and told us this patch of land is planted with 3 acres of sunflowers every summer. He said that the flowers are never harvested, just left out for the birds to enjoy all summer.

My thought is that some farmer plants this field simply for his wife’s enjoyment. There’s a pretty white farm-house right across the street, so I picture her sitting on the big front porch, enjoying her sea of sunflowers for several months of the year.

I would choose the field of sunflowers over a bouquet of store-bought flowers any day!

Here’s a link to the five sunflower paintings I painted earlier this year.

8 thoughts on “Sunflowers are Fun flowers!

  1. Where is this place? We like to go for rides and find beautiful places. I look forward to seeing you turn these into paintings.

    • Hey, Steve! Just take 25 North to 25 to 414 (Bates Crossing Road.) Then take 414 west for a few miles – the Sunflower Field is at the NW corner of 414 and Talley Bridge Road. I’m not sure if it’s still in bloom or not… it was towards the beginning of July that we discovered it. If you do go–please let me know if it’s still in bloom. Thanks… 🙂

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I am not sure if this field is still there, but did you have to ask permission to go into their field?

    • I did not ask permission… there was a road that I parked on and just stayed on the edge of the field. However, the owner of this field actually called me after she saw a photo of the painting in the newspaper. She said people stop and take photos all the time. It didn’t sound like she minded… and fortunately for me, she seemed delighted by the painting.

  4. Hey! My girlfriend is so in love with sunflowers and I would like to take her there it would make her day and mine to see her smile. Could you possibly give me directions?

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