One less Orphan!

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This beautiful girl is no longer an orphan!

Here she is with her new family (on the right side of the photo) on her adoption day!

The judge and her new Mom after the adoption proceedings are over.

Here she is while still living in Haiti.

Our friends just had the adoption of their new daughter finalized. They were in the midst of the adoption process before the earthquake happened in Haiti in January.

On the night of the earthquake we were all together, and we prayed for the day when they could bring this little girl home with them. None of us knew until later that evening about the earthquake.

Through a series of events that only God could orchestrate, their little girl was able to leave Haiti and join their family– about 2 years ahead of the schedule that would have normally taken place had the earthquake not happened.

And now, just six months later, this little girl is legally their daughter. It has been such a joy to see how quickly she became a member of this loving family. Within just weeks of her arrival into this country I watched her run up and throw her arms around her new “daddy!!!”

Here are a few thoughts written by a family friend on the official adoption day of this beautiful little girl from Haiti…

We walked in the small court room greeted by the judge smiling at each of us with a warmth of a dear friend who exudes love. Her “countenance shined upon us and truly gave us peace” (number 6:24-26) Then she said this very clearly and calmly, “Before we get started – I want this to be on record that I have reviewed all papers submitted and all requirements by the state have been met to my complete satisfaction!”

After a brief questioning about “are you aware of the risks involved in adoption of a child with this background, and the point made that this is for a lifetime commitment,” the judged dropped the gavel. She declared the adoption to be official and complete. She also said very warmly, “I think this is my most favorite adoption case that I have ever been able to declare as final.”

Well you can imagine – i sat on the back (third) row and with fresh tears rolling down my face from the time i walked in the room…how clearly i saw again that i am like this adopted girl…

  • pulled from the destruction of this evil planet
  • and the judge’s requirements for holiness have been SATISFIED COMPLETELY by Jesus for me!!!
  • thus, His face is shining with delight over me (zeph 3:17)
  • oh that i would live outta this delight! IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!
  • He as my Father has counted the cost of the RISKS involved in making me His own
  • He is well aware that His adoption of me is FOREVER!
  • and, He has called me by NAME!!! (not just calling me His kid, but actually making me His dearly loved child, 1 john 3:1)
  • the legal treatise that was made today changes all of life for this little girl
  • as my dear friend said to me when it was over, crying in each other’s arms, “they can never take her again from me and throw her in the back of a police car!” the legal treatise of the gospel does the same for each of us! truly – satan has lost His grip on me
  • i have a new Daddy
  • a new heritage
  • a new family
  • a new name
  • and legally the Judge has declared me HIS VERY OWN!

It’s crazy amazing! so amazing – i had to share it with each of you with deep gratitude for all your love, help, and prayers
truly – this was a BIG DAY for this little girl…
And how bout this: she has NO clue what even happened :):):) But one day she will know it fully!

Seeing our friends adopt this little girl, along with the fact that some other friends run the ministry “Together for Adoption” has definitely got me thinking more about adopting this year than I ever have before. Even if we don’t ever bring another child into our home, I definitely feel burdened to help!

This fall I’ll be creating a painting taken from a photo taken in Haiti during the spring of 2001. When it’s finished, it will be auctioned off in conjunction with the “Together for Adoption” 2010 conference, and all the proceeds will be used to help with the Haitian Orphan Crisis.

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