The Reason behind all the Celebrating…

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Peace on Earth cake in studio

“PEACE ON EARTH” • 8 inch x 8″ original oil painting • ©2017 Marie Scott

It occurred to me last month, in the midst of my own personal Birthday Celebration, that an attitude adjustment regarding CHRISTMAS could do me some good this year.

If you’ve been living in the United States since before Halloween — you don’t need ME to tell you that the commercialism and self-imposed chaos surrounding Christmas has gotten a little out-of-control.

And if this bothers YOU as much as it bothers ME — you know it’s difficult to not let the irritation this evokes overshadow a GREATER JOY that COULD be found in this wonderful Holiday Season.

So THIS year, I am trying something new…

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Noticing 1.534246575342466 Things to Celebrate (each day!)

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There are usually a limitless number things to celebrate.

Even for my dog Lucy (shown the photo above) caught in the moment celebrating a whole lot of happy things to smell on a beautiful July morning.


14,000 things to be happy about book

Have you ever seen this book?

As the title implies, the book is simply a list of 14,000 random things.

But all things that made the AUTHOR happy.


I bought the book back when I was in college. 

Back when months seemed like years, and years felt like decades.

Back when the idea of finding my OWN 14,000 things to be happy about — seemed like a ridiculous number. An impossibility.

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When all else fails…

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“Hope” • 24″ x 24″ oil painting • ©2017 Marie Scott Studios

When all else fails…

Do what you know how to do.

I know how to paint. I wasn’t BORN knowing how to paint. It is a skill I have spent the past 15+ years developing. Sometimes with great purpose. But more often than not in the midst of shooing off all the “WHY I am I doing this? thoughts that buzz around my head, like tired flies looking for a place to rest.

I had nothing better to do.

So EVEN THOUGH it felt like I might be getting-back-together with an old boyfriend who made me feel really bad about myself — I started up again. Doing the one thing I really KNOW how to do.

I started painting. 

With caution. And little expectation. Or even HOPE. (Which is not really like me. At least not the Old-Me.) 

And then surprisingly… (to probably nobody but the Lost-Me.) It returned.

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A painting without words.

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CHAPTERS • ©2017 Marie Scott Studios

Sometimes a piece of art just needs to speak for itself.

This one has limitless stories.

The stories of every single person with even the slightest connection to The College of Charleston.

So that is all I will say about this particular piece of art.

At least for now.

SEPTEMBER 2017 Desktop Calendar 300px

If you would like to have a FREE copy of this artwork to use on your device for the month of September, simply click here. 

Tribute to a Beached Sea Creature

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This is definitely NOT the best painting I have ever created.

Not by a long shot.

But sometimes you need to try something new. Just to see if it sticks.

I tried a different approach to making this painting. It kinda bombed.

Here is it is.

I call it “Ashore.”


When painting this particular piece, I did something I NEVER do. Not because I am afraid to do it. But because it doesn’t work. At least not for me. 


WHY did I do it?

Impatience. I didn’t want to wait.

Or invest the time, work, and energy that I KNEW deep down it would take to get what I REALLY wanted.


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A calendar for you! Art for July 2017.

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Why do I give my art as GIFTS? Because I think that everybody could use a few more Pictures of Hope in their lives!

This month’s giveaway is a July Calendar for your desktop that includes my most recent painting called “Endurance.” Here is is drying on the easel in my studio today while the morning sun gives it a nice shadowy glow.

endurance on easel

Inspired by my recent experience in Charleston, SC as one of 85 artists in the 2017 Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition — “Endurance” tells my story of crossing the finish line. Even when I did NOT think I had it in me.

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Endurance. What is YOUR story?

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My most recent “Endurance Story” happened in Charleston, SC.

In the middle of a sun-baked park. Surrounded by several years of my artwork. Protected only by a 10″ x 10″ tent. For an endless string of 17 straight days. 

By the end of DAY ONE — all I could think was…

“How did this ever sound like a good idea?”

At this point in the story however, that was not really a question worth pursuing. The more pressing matter was “How will I ever get through this? 16 more days? Are you kidding me!!?”

My story took place during the 2017 Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Festival.

If you are interested in what it looked like, here are some photos I took during the very last hours, of the very last day, of this marathon outdoor art show. All the photos are views from within a 10″ radius of what had become my 10″ x 10″ outdoor home during the past 17 days.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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For once I listened…

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To my own advice.

Here is what I told everybody. For an entire month. The month of March, 2017.

“You cannot do it all.
Choose wisely.
Because balance is a myth.”


Which is WHY…

My June 2017 computer desktop calendar is SIX. DAYS. LATE.

This same monthly calendar, which I have published for over SEVEN YEARS. Every month. On time. Every time.  

Because that — is how I (normally LIKE to) roll.

This time it was LATE.

But nobody died. Blood was not shed. I was not arrested.

I had to CHOOSE.

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What would this Primrose Painting say if it could talk? “Call me ‘Nurture.’”

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NURTURE • 12″ x 12″ oil painting ©2017 Marie Scott

Sometimes it takes longer to process the meaning that a painting holds, than it actually takes to create the piece.

After several weeks of mulling this one over in my head, it has finally become clear to me what this little Primrose Painting has to say.

three flower paintings true timeless nurture

This painting is the third in a series of three botanicals pieces which are snapshots taken from inside my painting studio.

The flowers in the bowl are a little primrose plant I found unexpectedly while getting groceries in February. I brought home this living bouquet of spring during the same week I learned some heartbreaking news. A dear woman I had admired from a distance — had finally completed the endurance test that had been put before her over the past two years.

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Some things never go out of style.

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A common denominator between gardening, mercy, and love

What is Timeless?

I asked a group of friends to look at my newest painting so they could help me come up with a title for it. I wanted the name to convey a character trait they admire. And with Mothers’ Day on the horizon, I suggested that if the name was something that reminded them of their mom — well, that would be even better!


Timeless was the word that jumped off the page, appearing multiple times. A word so rich with meaning that a book is probably a more appropriate venue to discuss this topic.

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