Wallpaper your desktop with a Sunflower Calendar

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To welcome the new month,

A new sunflower painting to welcome the new month! Simply click on the photo to download and then save it to your desktop to use as your computer’s “wallpaper” for the month of October.

Don’t you just love turning the page on your calendar? I love the anticipation of “what comes next”  — both visually and with life.

I hope you enjoy this month’s desktop calendar “Sunflower Flame” as much as I enjoyed painting it!  It can be viewed at http://www.mariescottstudios.com which contains my entire gallery of paintings, along with the inspiration behind each piece.

To see photos of this painting in progress, click here.

[If only I could remember where I put all my beautiful wall calendars when we moved in July. Oh well… just like the clocks, they are packed away somewhere, and I am enjoying a less time-conscious home.]

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