Adding COLOR to my home

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Over the weekend I painted my dingy-white window boxes a stunning peacock-blue to contrast our red bricks. It is a STEP towards cuteness. Cheerful green shutters are next. Then painting then entire house  — meaning the red bricks — a creamy soft yellow will be the final step. (That step may never come, but it is part of my vision for ULTIMATE cuteness.)

We moved this summer, so right now my home is not nearly as perfectly cute as I like it to be. Especially the yard, which could seriously benefit from a full-time gardener.

As an artist, living in an environment that is not (my idea of ) beautiful, is extremely draining to me. It is easier for me to work round-the-clock towards fulfilling my vision of ultimate beauty, then to simply “letting things go.”

But since “letting things go” is a more healthy (and less expensive) way to live, that has been my approach to life these last few months.

That was, until this past weekend, when I had the entire house to myself! I was a woman on a mission. A mission to add some COLOR to my home. I worked like a mad woman, and actually made some headway.

Now at least my exterior entryways are lit with bright colors, thanks to the beautiful fall flowers I planted.

I am finding that the more accents of color I add to this house, the more it is beginning to feel like home. It is as if every small addition I make allows me to breathe a little easier.

I do realize this means I care way too much about my surroundings. But that is how God wired me. I must constantly fight against this desire for perfecting my surroundings, reminding myself not to let this good thing become the ultimate thing of importance in my life… but that is really, really hard for me!

Fortunately (or unfortunately — depending on how you look at it) I have too many other things to worry about “making cute” right now, so my home is a low priority. For me, I feel that is a sign of growth.

My yard is still not perfect, but I have finally come to grips with the fact that it never will be (this side of heaven.) The pansies in my window boxes will eventually die, but until then, the simple loveliness I added to my home this weekend will make my heart smile.

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2 thoughts on “Adding COLOR to my home

    • You are not kidding. I sometimes feel like cutting off my ear. Thank goodness I am married to an engineer. I often wish I had his personality. But then every so often I feel a strike of genius, and am glad to be me.

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