A fiery flower is finished…

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SUNFLOWER FLAME • Original Oil Painting ©2013 Marie Scott

SUNFLOWER FLAME • 40″ x 30″ Original Oil Painting • ©2013 Marie Scott

My newest oil painting called “Sunflower Flame” is complete!

I love the fiery ring of petals that make up this sunflower. That wasn’t my original intent, however sometimes a painting takes on a life of its own. Especially when it is one I am simply painting for my own pleasure, as was the case with this particular sunflower.

It was surprising to me how much I enjoyed the process. I was squeezing it in between two commissioned pieces, and didn’t have the pressure of making anyone happy but myself.

Below are photos of this painting as it was in progress.

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To read the inspiration behind this piece, visit my online gallery at http://www.mariescottstudios to view my entire collection of 250+ paintings!

My crown of petals. :)

Here I am, wearing my crown of petals. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A fiery flower is finished…

  1. This is stunning! I love the symmetry of the of the flower on the top half contrasted with the asymmetry of the leaf on the bottom.

    • Thank you! Reading your insightful comments on the Vermeer painting has inspired me to thinking about planning my paintings out more carefully than I do. The symmetry and asymmetry you described was just serendipity — and my son’s good taste, as he is the one that choose the photo that turned into this painting. 🙂

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