A fiery flower is finished…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy newest oil painting called “Sunflower Flame” is complete! I love the fiery ring of petals that make up this sunflower. That wasn’t my original intent, however sometimes a painting takes on a life of its own. Especially when it is one I am simply painting for my own […]

And then there were ONE…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhat started out as a series of FIVE sunflowers, is now a series of ONE. Yesterday I said goodbye to my old friend “Sunflower #4.” She was picked up and taken to live with her new family in Greer, SC where I think she will be very happy. So […]

A cute little card brightened my day!

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy friend Bess sent me a card yesterday. Leave it to Bess to have a fun stamp on the envelope too.  Much to my surprise, I opened it up to find one of my old paintings on the front of the card. Which made me smile! (I think this is actually […]

March Calendar.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI have decided to give up my blog for the Lent season. However, since my favorite brother-in-law uses these monthly calendars on his school computer — and so do I —  this is my ONE exception for the month. Enjoy the new month!

A new month with 29 days!

Export to PDF | Export to DOC Enjoy your extra day this month! February 29th, 2012 is Leap Day. To read the story about this painting on my website, click here. To use this calendar on your computer, click on the above image and save it to your desktop. Then select this image as your […]

Happy New Year! (means happy new desktop-calendar)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCHappy New Year! To read the story about this painting on my website, click here. To sign up for my mailing list, click here.

Your new calendar for April… (no foolin’)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMonth #4 (seriously!) Here’s a new April, 2011 Calendar for your computer’s desktop. Just click on the image, save it to your desktop, and then make that image your wallpaper. Click here to read about this painting on my website. Click here to see a video of this painting from start to […]

Painting a Christmas Present (part 4)

More photos from the commissioned painting I’m currently working on: “archer place.” It’s an historic home in Denver that’s been lovingly restored to it’s original beauty. My job is to capture the spirit of this charming home.