A cute little card brightened my day!

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My friend Bess sent me a card yesterday.

Leave it to Bess to have a fun stamp on the envelope too.

 Much to my surprise, I opened it up to find one of my old paintings on the front of the card. Which made me smile!
(I think this is actually the very first sunflower I ever painted.)

SUNNING FLOWER • ©2005 Marie Scott

I always forget about these packs of notecards which I’ve been toting around to art shows for years. These days, they don’t sell too often, as people send so many e-mails.

They really are pretty cute though, aren’t they?

Maybe I’ll start sending more cards. (Especially since I have a zillion of them in my garage.)
This one sure brightened up my day.

You can make your own cards HERE  on http://www.shutterfly.com.
It’s as simple as uploading a favorite digital photo. Then select the “Classic Collage 3 x 5 Folded Card” as your design. They’ll walk you through the rest.

You can do it too…
send a hand-written card to somebody you love this week!
You’ll brighten their day.

NOTE: A couple of people have asked about ordering cards since this post came out. Below are the sets I still have in stock.
(e-mail me at info@mariescottstudios.com if you’d like to order a set.)

set #1 (flowers)

Set #2: water landscapes

Set #3: field landscapes

5 thoughts on “A cute little card brightened my day!

  1. I send only real cards–no e-cards, so as a new follower, tell me the details and the price of your cards. I’m interested. I’ll check my email tomorrow for your answer. Thanks.

    • I love all three sets and I’d like to purchase one of each set to try them out for my lovely elderly shut ins. The color will brighten their days.

      • That sounds good! This time I hope I replied to the correct person… I also know a Janice Robins… that’s who I e-mailed back last night. Oops!! 🙂

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