When I FINALLY stopped caring so much…

Export to PDF | Export to DOC…A gallery from Highlands, NC called to say they wanted to represent me! And now seven of my oil paintings are hanging in this adorable gallery, which is run by the nicest man you’d ever want to meet. The owner, Ken Johnson, had seen my work in downtown Greenville […]

Just one of many GoodWill treasures…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI just got this NEW/OLD desk from GoodWill. [ It was only $10!] I think I paid $4 (or possibly $5) for the perfectly matching desk chair back in 2003 at The Salvation Army store in  Bayview, WI (53207 to be exact.) My NEW/OLD  desk is just ONE of the many amazing […]

A pile of hedge apples

Export to PDF | Export to DOCHere’s a painting I created in February, called Hedge Apples. It was for a contest for Countybank. They were looking to purchase 12 paintings for the lobbies of two of their Greenville locations. THIS particular piece wasn’t chosen, but I DID enter three of them… Below are some photos […]

So much beauty to share

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy  blog-fast is officially over, but where do I even begin? I guess I’ll start by saying that I gave up my blog for Lent, mostly because I’ve realized over the last couple of years that the “success” of my painting career often teeters on the brink of becoming […]

April Calendar

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI’m still sticking with my Blog-fast for Lent. But I really need my new desktop calendar (and so does Chris!) See you after Easter… Click here to read about this painting.