Stale marshmallows STILL make good S’mores

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The inaugural fire in our new fire pit.

The moon lit up the sky.

Here's Tim building the perfect fire, while Nathan is engrossed in THE HOBBIT. (We did make him put his book away .)

On Valentine’s Day we finally convinced Nathan to use his birthday money to buy the Fire Pit that he had asked for last summer.

We offered to pay for half of it, even though he had more than enough money to cover the cost, and he accepted our offer. (That kid drives a hard bargain. But since it’s something the three of us will enjoy, we didn’t mind forking over part of the cash.)

Then on Tuesday night we made the first fire in our new fire pit! I love sitting and watching the flames. I especially love that it was February 15 and we were not wearing snow suits or boots to keep warm.

The marshmallows were left over from last summer and SUPER stale, but we ate them anyway. 🙂

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