Why is this painting called “Open”?

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OPEN • 18 inches x 24 inches • ©2013 Marie Scott

OPEN • 18 inches x 24 inches • ©2013 Marie Scott

The painting shows several paths of water, all making their way to the ocean. It comes from different places, but it eventually all the water ends up flowing into the sea. That is how I see my life these days. I am not sure exactly what direction the path with take, or what it will look like, but I am trying to be OPEN to where God wants me to be. I want my life to be heading into the sea of His plan for my life, as opposed to my own idea of what I should be doing with it.

Life is getting shorter every day, so I want to be make sure I’m making the most of it — being OPEN to fulfilling His purposes for what He created me to do.

To read a more detailed account of why I titled this painting “Open”, please visit my website at http://www.mariescottstudios.com

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