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My three-year old ELEPHANT EARS (relocated in May to the front of our new house!)

Elephant Ears are one of my newfound loves for the garden since moving to South Carolina  in 2008. These monster big plants are virtually maintenance-free. All they ask for is A LOT of space.

A few years ago I planted three large (and very ugly) bulbs, not really knowing what was to come. Within a few months, the most amazing leaves grew up and took over the too-small space where they were planted.

By midsummer, I would cut off several 24″ leaves per week, just so we could walk past the plants without being consumed by them. They had mixed reviews in our home. I was in love with them, and they were tolerated by other residents of our home — as long as I kept them under control.

I was sad when they finally died at the first frost. But then to my utter amazement, they returned again the following spring.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, this year will be different for these robust and hearty giants. My Elephant Ears now will have all the room they need. The Mother’s Day gift I requested (and was granted) this year, was for Tim to move my favorite plants over to our new yard.

I am happy to say that after six weeks of the perfect amount of rainfall, they are all flourishing in their new environment. It is obvious to me that they are delighted to finally have room to spread out.

Thank you Tim, for not only tolerating them, but then moving them. And thank you God, for the delight they bring to me, as I watch the sun reflect off their hilariously large leaves.

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