My painting lives in Spain

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CIRCLES • 40 x 30 • ©2006 marie scott studios

This oil painting is called CIRCLES. It’s an abstract I painted in 2006 for some old college friends who now live in Spain. Their home is so inviting–the painting seems to be just the perfect finishing touch.

Let’s take a tour of their lovely room…

Seeing photos of this room makes me want to go and visit my friends in Spain!

The couch turns into a sofa bed for guests.

Cute baskets for extra storage or seating.

A view from the table. Notice how the mirrors over the couch reflect the light and help make this room larger. I like the geometry a series of 3 mirrors creates, as opposed to one large mirror which would have fought with the large painting.

Check out their Spanish Tile. I guess that's one of the fringe-benefits you get for moving to Spain! 🙂

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