Goodbye, Hydrangeas…

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This hydrangea bush is my favorite thing blooming in our yard right now. I will be sad to say goodbye to it tomorrow.

Charleston here we come!

I am not thrilled about leaving my hydrangea behind. It is in full bloom right now, and by the time I return from my time exhibiting at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, it will probably be spent and faded.

There are some other things I’m not crazy about leaving behind either. Our son, my yard, our friends.

I am also not thrilled about the fact that my entire inventory of paintings and prints from the last three years will be sitting out in a park for 17 days. (And that’s assuming they make it there safely.)

However,  I’m sure once we get to Marion Square tomorrow, and I hear my favorite sound — the noise that tent poles make when clanking together — any thoughts I had about all we’re leaving behind will soon be forgotten, and the excitement of the show will begin.

Oh well.. it’s only for a couple of weeks. And at least we have Tim’s parents staying here to watch over things.

Including… our son, my yard, and our friends.

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If you are a person of Faith… I’d appreciate your prayers as we embark on this big adventure tomorrow. If you really like to pray, and believe in its power as I doclick here for more details. Thank you! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Hydrangeas…

    • Thank you so much for praying for me on Friday, Heidi. I really needed it… I was dragging by then! We returned safely home on Sunday afternoon, and I would consider the show to have been a success for me. It sounded like it was horrible for a lot of my fellow artists, so I think God truly answered all the prayers on my behalf. I’ll do a post with photos and details of our adventure at the end of the week.

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