And then there were ONE…

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SUNFLOWER #4 • © 20 Marie Scott

SUNFLOWER #4 • 24 x 24 • © 2010 Marie Scott

What started out as a series of FIVE sunflowers, is now a series of ONE.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my old friend “Sunflower #4.”
She was picked up and taken to live with her new family in Greer, SC
where I think she will be very happy.

SUNFLOWER #3 • 24 x 24 • ©2010 Marie Scott

SUNFLOWER #3 • 24 x 24 • ©2010 Marie Scott

So for now, it is just “Sunflower #3” and me
(along with the rest of our Botanical Painting
friends, who still live with us at Marie Scott Home Color.)

Here’s where the other Sunflowers in the Series of Five have gone…

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Click here to see some photos of SUNFLOWER #4 being painted…

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