Memories of marshmallows & marshes to mellow your upcoming month.

Have you ever thought about what it means to “mellow out?” My newest painting called “Marsh Mellow Day” is a view that helps me to slow down and take a deep breath.

Thoughts from a wise flower on May Day.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCLife is a marathon. There is no shame in walking.  I used to run. But after five years, finally decided to be honest with myself. And my hips.   I don’t like to run. So now I walk. Big deal. The whole point is to move your body.  So […]

REST. (Desktop Calendar for April, 2016)

REST. A free desktop calendar featuring an original oil painting by Greenville, SC artist Marie Scott.

Pretty Place Chapel (A peaceful place for December)

As the year wraps up, why not add a peaceful view to your computer desktop this month? Read the story behind the featured calendar image called “Pretty Place Chapel. And download your free December calendar compliments of Greenville artist, Marie Scott.

And then there were ONE…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhat started out as a series of FIVE sunflowers, is now a series of ONE. Yesterday I said goodbye to my old friend “Sunflower #4.” She was picked up and taken to live with her new family in Greer, SC where I think she will be very happy. So […]

1 more Shopping Day until Christmas…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCHOME COLOR’s Gift Idea #1: The World! Blue Globe • $22 Still looking for gifts today? I think that anyone would be happy to have a globe. They are functional and decorative, all at the same time. The perfect kind of gift! Or, if you’re still really unsure what to […]

2 Shopping Days until Christmas…

Export to PDF | Export to DOC HOME COLOR’s Gift Idea #2: A Color Plan for your home! Does the thought of picking out paint colors for your walls make you want to CRY? I made be weird, but it actually makes me want to SMILE! I love, love, love to help people design a COLOR […]

3 Shopping Days until Christmas…

Export to PDF | Export to DOC HOME COLOR’s Gift Idea #3: Original Dish Towels! Marie Scott dish towels  —  $8 each. If you’ve still somebody on your gift list who is causing you distress… how about a unique dish towel? These towels are made by me, (Marie Scott!) I had many of my paintings […]