Guest room amenities (inspired by my mom)

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This is our guest room. We are having guests from December 26-January 6th, so we're getting the room ready for our visitors. Even though I love LOTS of extra pillows, not every body else does, so I made sure to remove all the throw pillows before they arrived so they weren't burdened by maintaining pillows during their stay.

I just bought this soft robe to add to our guest room closet. My mom has a robe in her guest room closet, and I just love using it when I go to visit. I thought it adds a luxurious touch to the guest suite.

A nice big mirror helps this smallish room feel bigger. The painting "round barn" hangs over the bed. I made the head board by stapling batting and fabric to a board that Tim made for this purpose. Then he hung it on the wall behind the bed. We had the wall sconces hung at just the right height for reading in bed. This was inspired by a hotel stay we had while building this house.

Snacks and beside water (no mini-bar charge for these.)

The most important detail... clean sheets, fresh out of the dryer!

6 thoughts on “Guest room amenities (inspired by my mom)

  1. You have always had a wonderfully-appointed guest room, and I’m anxious to try this one out!
    a frequent guest –although not nearly as frequent as I’d like sometimes 🙂

    • We have still have vacancies in 2010! Bring your boys down here when it warms up a little bit (today it’s only in the 20s!!) Chris and Lori made the drive home in 10.5 hours yesterday. I think they only stopped for 20 minutes though. 🙂

  2. I just started looking at your blog… It’s unique, beautiful and inspiring. Looks like all is well…best wishes for 2010!

    Deb Martinez 🙂

    • Thank you, Deb…it’s so great to hear from you! I hope you have adjusted to life in your new home/state. Has it already been well over a year that you headed North and we headed South? 🙂

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