They’re happy. So I’m happy. (“archer place” part 7)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThis E-MAIL came in May. “Oh my gosh, Marie!  It is stunning!  Absolutely beautiful.  I CANNOT believe the level of detail that you have in your painting and the colors are so vibrant.  We freaking love it!!! Judi was extremely surprised and loves it.  We immediately hung it in our dining room.  We still […]

DONE! (Painting a Christmas Present part 6)

I’m done with my Commissioned painting of a home in Denver. It’s called “Archer Place.”

Painting a Christmas Present (part 5)

The fifth post in a series that shows a commissioned painting from start to finish. I’m basically done with the painting. Just need to put some finishing touches on once it’s dry.

Painting a Christmas Present (part 4)

More photos from the commissioned painting I’m currently working on: “archer place.” It’s an historic home in Denver that’s been lovingly restored to it’s original beauty. My job is to capture the spirit of this charming home.

Painting a Christmas Present (part 1)

Photos from the painting I’m starting. It’s a commission that’s being given as a Christmas gift.