Painting a Christmas Present (part 3)

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Day 6: more bricks to paint!

As I'm working my way down the wall, I start to run into the sunflowers which will be in the foreground. Painting around the leaves becomes quite tedious.

I spent quite a while working on the arched window. But I love it!

The bottom half of the window is extremely tricky. The photo I have of the house shows a replacement window in this area, which I believe either will eventually be changed to match the others, so I'm basically making this part of the window up. Luckily we've lived in a couple of REALLY old homes, so I'm familiar with old wooden windows look like. (I have logged many hours painting them--House painting that is--not Portrait painting.)

It actually took me two times to get the lower portion of the window the way I wanted it. I had quite a mess on my hands for a while, as I had to "erase" my first attempt at this window. I used lots of q-tips and cotton balls soaked in Walnut oil to remove the paint I didn't want.

Today is my last work day before Nathan starts his 2-week long Christmas break... so unfortunately this painting is going to be put to rest until the New Year. I wish I had another week to work on this (incredibly challenging but rewarding) painting to finish it up!

6 thoughts on “Painting a Christmas Present (part 3)

  1. I love being able to see the clock in your studio in the background. You’ve spent hours on this and it’s turning out so beautiful! The recipient is going to LOVE it!

    • That is kind of cool how the clock has been showing up in the background! I’ll try to keep that in mind when I take more photos as I continue working on this painting after Christmas. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. As something of an expert on the house in the painting (I took the photo, live in it, and have an intimate knowledge of the place down to the studs), it is absolutely perfect! We are thrilled with the gift. Thank you for the time and care you have put into it. It is going to be an amazing addition to our home. Incidently, that window is tricky for us as well. It was replaced by the previous owner. Our priority so far has been the interior of the house.

    • I’m sooooo happy you like what you see so far!! Your house is so charming from the outside, I would love to see photos of the inside some day since that’s where you’ve done all your work. I’m looking forward to getting this finished up for you after the New Year! As far as the replacement window, I didn’t even notice that it didn’t match the others until I really got started on the painting. So you and Jeff probably notice it more than anybody else does.

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