‘Twas the Night before Christmas

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I decided to hang our stockings in the foyer this year. This will allow St. Nick to enter through the front door, saving him the embarrassment of squeezing down through the chimney (and allow my perfectly matched fireplace mantel to remain color-coordinated.)

Tim made me this mirror for my first studio in Bay View, Wisconsin. It was really helpful to see the paintings in reverse–it definitely improved my skills to see things in reverse. Now you are seeing my living room in reverse as it’s reflected in the mirror. The painting “indiana sunrise” was the first painting I created back in 2001 that I felt really good about. For that reason I don’t think I could ever part with it.

The doorway is leading into our guest room, where my 36" x 24" giclee print of my painting "four gerberas" hangs.

I have had these messy dried berries for years but I liked how they reflected onto the mirror. My oil painting called "iris" currently hangs in our foyer (but it could hang in yours, as this one isn't part of my permanent collection!)

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