A shy sunflower for your August calendar

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We have a new store called Sunflower.

SERENDIPITY • ©2007 Marie Scott Studios

SERENDIPITY • ©2007 Marie Scott Studios

 Just like the sunflower in the painting, I’m not quite ready to show it off.

Our Sunflower store opened on July 10th, and it has been quite busy with shoppers, considering how we haven’t really shared much about it. Really nothing other than what we’ve put in the windows and outside the door.

For now, we are joking that it is our “Secret Store.”

The people who come in and shop, are those who have been watching it from the big glass windows facing Main Street. They seem to like it. I like it too, it is just a LOT all happening at once. One day soon, we should probably start telling people about what they will find inside our secret Sunflower store. One day soon, Sunflower will probably feel much more ready to share its face with the world.

Just like the sunflower in the painting, I had never planned to have such a large store. Just like the sunflower in the painting, it kind of took on a life of its own.

Just like painting… MAYBE I should have called the store “Serendipity!”

To read WHY this painting is called “Serendipity,” visit my on-line gallery at  www.mariescottstudios.com 

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  1. Thank you – as usual it is beautiful and very much appreciated!

    ________________________________ Patty Sneesby Office Coordinator Harvest Community Church harvestcommunity.org


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