Would you swap this month, for another year?

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July 2010… we went on vacation.

Four years later, we’re up working until all hours of the night getting ready to open our new store called “Sunflower.”

BEACH RENTALS • ©2010 Marie Scott

BEACH RENTALS • ©2010 Marie Scott [click here to download this free calendar to your desktop]

Would I swap out this month, for July 2010?

[Back to my easy, uncomplicated life?]

Not a chance.

July 2014 finds me in the midst of complete chaos, yet so many things have made my life richer than it was when life was easy.

  • I love my family more than ever
  • I’m getting ready to work with one of the most talented women I know
  • We’ve recently found kindred spirits who are on a parallel wild-ride with us
  • Our little house can be cleaned up in a jiffy, as opposed to a day
  • The weeds in my yard cannot be seen from the street

We could be at the beach this week.

[But then we’d have to come back to real life anyway.]

I realized the other day, that I’m actually enjoying my real life and not living for vacation anymore.

I’m not sure how or when this happened, but I will take it! I count it as just another one of the many blessings I’ve received since July 2010 when we WERE on vacation — the vacation that inspired this painting.

To read the story behind this oil painting, visit my on-line gallery at  www.mariescottstudios.com 

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