7 Days and Counting…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOur NEW targeted Opening Date for Sunflower is Monday, July 7. [ Or maybe Tuesday, July 8, which would then mean 8 days and counting. ] Here are a few photos of what we are working on today… Watch the numbers in the window for the most up-to-date status of our […]

11 Days and counting

Export to PDF | Export to DOCSunflower’s newly acquired electric typewriter inspires my 6th grade son to write this Japanese Tanka Poem. Initial questions this typewriter raised: What IS this? What does it DO? Can we PLEASE get this? Secondary questions regarding the typewriter: How do I save my file? Why doesn’t it delete? How do I […]

Happy Father’s Day

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI am very lucky. I am VERY LUCKY to have a dad who inspired me to design, carve, and print my very first (since 5th grade art class) Linoleum Block Print. It is called “Full-service Dad” because that is what MY DAD has been to me, for the last 43.5 years! His […]

Home Color has a new location!

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhere did Home Color go? If you happened to notice that Home Color is no longer located in the big gray house, here’s the scoop: We are opening a bigger version of what we’ve been doing since 2012. But this time with much more space, and much more help to carry […]

Hydrangea Boxes for June

Export to PDF | Export to DOC “Hydrangea Boxes“ is the last painting I created at the studio I had inside my shop called Home COLOR. I just moved out over the weekend, and we are working like crazy to get the new store and studio up and running. Right now I feel a little homeless. And OVERWHELMED. Our […]