Painting a Christmas Present (part 5)

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Day 11: So far this morning I've been working on painting sunflowers. I almost think this part of the painting is harder than the bricks were.

More sunflowers... they are actually going much quicker now. It's very similar to getting towards the end of a puzzle. The less space there is left on the canvas, the easier it is to see what needs to be done. This is a very fun point in the process!

Finally... I'm DONE with sunflowers! Next thing I did was paint the porch, steps and sidewalk.

DAY 12: I started out the morning by painting the tree in the upper right side of the painting, behind the house. When looking at this photo, it took me a minute to realize what I had worked on. (That means the tree doesn't stand out, which is exactly what I wanted. It's just supposed to be a backdrop to the house. If you look in the previous photo you'll see that it's more prominent.)

After I got the tree done, I added some bushes in front of the fence and flowers along the sidewalk. A lot of what I worked on painting is on was on the outside right edge of the canvas, so you can't see that in this photo.

Once I finished painting the landscaping, I started working on the fence. Then I realized I actually was NOT done with the sunflowers... you can see the bottoms of them below the fence rail. (bummer!)

The fence was so much easier than the sunflowers. It's made up of less pieces so it's not as mind-boggling. The leaves beneath the fence rail went together pretty quickly.

The canvas is completely covered! I'm very close to being done, but need to do some more work on the top parts of some of the sunflowers. I want to let this painting rest for at least a week, for two specific reasons. #1: It needs to dry before I can add anything else, and #2: I just need to look at it for a while to decide what other areas need to be finished. I'm VERY pleased to be ending the week with the painting at a good stopping point!

(Here's a new photo I took on Monday, January 11... nothing new was done to the painting, but the light was better this morning. This is a better representation of what the painting looks like.)

2 thoughts on “Painting a Christmas Present (part 5)

  1. Jeff here. It looks absolutely amazing, and we cannot believe how beautiful you are making our house look. We are so excited to see the finished product and hang it in our newly remodeled home. Thank you for the incredible updates and all of your hard work.

  2. Hey, Jeff! I’m so glad you’re happy with the painting. I feel really good about it’s turned out too.

    (I’m thankful that my job was to capture your home on canvas, as opposed to all the work you and Judi have put into restoring it. I think I definitely had the easier assignment. 🙂 )

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