DONE! (Painting a Christmas Present part 6)

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"Archer Place" • oil painting on canvas • 36" x 24" • © 2010 marie scott studios

To: Jeff & Judi
From: Brad

Hi Jeff & Judi… your Christmas present it finally done. I hope you enjoy this gift from your brother Brad. I’ll let you know when this painting of your lovely home is dry, and then I’ll get it shipped out to you.

🙂 Marie Scott

DAY 12: Here's the painting before I begin working on it. My plan is to touch up a few sunflowers and add some grain to the fence.

I've spent about 45 minutes on the sunflowers. I think those look done. I basically added lots of yellow highlights and cerulean blue shadows to give this area more definition.

I hadn't planned to do anything to the fence, but Tim didn't think it looked done. He was right... I'm glad I listened to his objective opinion. The fence needed some more yellow to help it feel like the sun was shining on it.

Here's the fence in progress. This actually took longer than I had planned, but I think it was worth the time.

The fence is complete, and I'm really happy with it. HOWEVER, when I stepped back (something I need to do more often) I realized that now all the areas on the house with yellow trim look really pale and washed out. Hmmmm.... now what? I decided to put a SUPER thin glaze of the yellowish tan I was using on the fence over all the trim. This is rather frightening. I could totally ruin this painting if it doesn't work out.

It worked! Now the fence doesn't overpower the house, and the house looks like the sun is shining on it. I'm DONE with this painting... now it just needs to dry and I'll ship it to Denver in a few weeks. Yay! 🙂

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