They’re happy. So I’m happy. (“archer place” part 7)

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Jeff and Judi, shown with their two boys and the oil painting called "archer place" that I painted for them starting last December. I guess they love it. Yay! 🙂 (aren't they a beautiful family?!?)

This E-MAIL came in May.

“Oh my gosh, Marie!  It is stunning!  Absolutely beautiful.  I CANNOT believe the level of detail that you have in your painting and the colors are so vibrant.  We freaking love it!!!

Judi was extremely surprised and loves it.  We immediately hung it in our dining room.  We still owe you a photo of us in front of the house but the weather has been lousy here this week.  We will get it to you as soon as we can.

Thank you again for such an amazing piece of art.  We are truly grateful to have such beauty in our home.

I already have some ideas for a couple smaller pieces.  I’ll be in touch.


Then this PHOTO came last week.


Here it is at long last.  You probably forgot all about us, but we FINALLY got a photo of all of us together with the amazing painting.  The sky is washed out, but otherwise it’s a pretty close likeness.

We love it and thank you again.


THIS is the reason I keep painting!

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