visual proof of my insanity

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My freakishly creative brain will always find a way to make something a zillion times more complicated than it truly needs to be.

Petite Pear Coasters • 4 inches x 4 inches • 4/500

Petite Pear Coasters • 4 inches x 4 inches • 4/500

This is what my brain says: “If you are going to take the time make something anyway, why not just make A LOT of them?”

[ In this case “A LOT” = 500 coasters = proof of my insanity ]

Facts to Consider: 500 coasters do not fit well anywhere as you are making them, and the supplies for 500 coasters cost way too much money.

This unreasonable quantity requires cutting out 500 photos and 500 perfectly square pieces of cork from a non-square, bigger piece of cork. It means spreading Mod Podge over 500 tiles, then later coating those 500 tiles with a sealer, then hot gluing 500 pieces of cork to the backs of those tiles.

If those 500 coasters need to be made into 250 sets of two coasters each, it also means cutting out 250 pieces of twine, matching up 250 pairs of contrasting coasters, punching holes in 250 tags, and tying the 250 pairs together. And THEN tying the custom tag (which was a whole other project) to the end of the string.

Did I mention that I might possibly be insane?

More Facts to Consider: The best part of the equation is that all 250 sets of coasters are for a donation I am making to a worthy (hopefully?) cause.

Lucky for me, I have the very best mother-in-law in the world, who made my problem her problem, and then spent four afternoons last week helping me make all 500 coasters. And then making those into 250 sets of coasters.

I sure do hope the coasters are a hit.

If not… well maybe this will teach me to ignore the voices in my head that give me all these BIG ideas. At least most of the time anyway… sometimes it really is BEST to create something as big and extravagant as can possibly be.

Below are photos of just some of the phases of this crazy coaster project in progress….

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