Adding COLOR to my home

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWe moved this summer, so right now my home is not nearly as perfectly cute as I like it to be. Especially the yard, which could seriously benefit from a full-time gardener. As an artist, living in an environment that is not (my idea of ) beautiful, is extremely […]

A fiery flower is finished…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy newest oil painting called “Sunflower Flame” is complete! I love the fiery ring of petals that make up this sunflower. That wasn’t my original intent, however sometimes a painting takes on a life of its own. Especially when it is one I am simply painting for my own […]

visual proof of my insanity

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy freakishly creative brain will always find a way to make something a zillion times more complicated than it truly needs to be. This is what my brain says: “If you are going to take the time make something anyway, why not just make A LOT of them?” [ […]