Reflections on my Cinderella weekend

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SUNFLOWER FIELD gets a new home! (30" x 40" giclee print on canvas -- available for order)

SUNFLOWER FIELD gets a new home! This customer bought a smaller matted print of this painting, drove half way home, then turned around and came back to trade it in for the full size print which he is shown holding. (30″ x 40″ giclee on print on canvas — available for order at )

This past weekend, Tim and I participated in a juried art festival called “Art on Main” held in downtown Hendersonville, NC. My painting “Sunflower Field” was the image that was chosen to promote the show this year. It was on everything — signs,  posters, bags… all of which I was asked to autograph throughout both days. “Sunflower Field” was even in magazines that people brought to show me.

For one magical weekend, this cheerful painting was the star of the show. It felt as if the painting and I had escaped from the dungeon, and made it to the ball to dance with the prince.

The weather was glorious, the crowd was just busy enough, and the artists exhibiting on either side of us were perfect neighbors. Tim became a star too, as he was responsible for catching the thief who literally walked off with a huge piece of art from the photography booth next to ours.

I spent the weekend talking to countless people who were kind enough to say my work made them “feel happy.” This always surprises me, as the past five years of my painting career have not felt too happy.

I mentioned this irony to a wise friend last week — telling him how I honestly didn’t know how my paintings turned out to evoke so much “happiness,” as that is not an emotion I often feel while painting. Without a blink, he looked me in the eye and simply said “That is God’s Goodness.” 

He nailed it on the head.

These past few years have been full of many tears as I struggle to keep my little painting business afloat. Yet somehow in the midst of my inner darkness, God has managed to bypass my sad emotions and pour HIS GOODNESS into my work in spite of what is going on inside of me.

God’s Goodness, and not my happiness, is what people are REALLY feeling when they look at my paintings. And that is the reason I continue to paint, despite all the times when I think about how much easier life would be if I gave up my dream to spread my paintings around the world, and just led a normal life.

Here are just a few photos of from our Cinderella weekend… 

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  1. I just got Emily Freeman’s new book A Million Tiny Ways. I think you might really like it. It is about how God created us for art. I’m only into the 4th chapter and it is really encouraging and challenging me! Your art definitely displays God’s glory and goodness, which is an extraordinarily beautiful thing!

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