For once I listened…

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To my own advice.

Here is what I told everybody. For an entire month. The month of March, 2017.

“You cannot do it all.
Choose wisely.
Because balance is a myth.”


Which is WHY…

My June 2017 computer desktop calendar is SIX. DAYS. LATE.

This same monthly calendar, which I have published for over SEVEN YEARS. Every month. On time. Every time.  

Because that — is how I (normally LIKE to) roll.

This time it was LATE.

But nobody died. Blood was not shed. I was not arrested.

I had to CHOOSE.

Here is what won-out over the June 2017 desktop calendar in the few days that remained before I left for a 17-day work trip.

  • watching my son’s 8th grade Shakespeare play 
  • having lunch with two friends
  • unpacking my new king-sized mattress which came via FedEx in 3 boxes
  • pulling weeds
  • planting lantana and pumpkin plants
  • safely packing 30 paintings
  • creating a bunch of new art prints that I really didn’t need, but made me happy
  • leaving my house clean before I left town
  • writing a calendar so everyone in charge of my son for 17 days knew their role
  • making price tags for all the prints I took to the art show which I am currently part of until June 10
  • being (reasonably) nice to my family

Nothing huge. But things that mattered.

To ME. Mattered more than being on time. Mattered more than what I feared people would think of me. Mattered more than driving myself crazy with the false idea that I could do everything.

Or even worse, the idea that I had no choice, or power, or say in the matter — as to which things I could eliminate from my ever-growing list of “good ideas.”

And guess what. 

Being LATE was the best choice I could have have made.

Yes. I am late.

But no. This infraction will not be “written up in my permanent record.” 

Once I gave up thinking this June calendar was something I could still squeeze into the last few days before I left town, it freed me up to focus on the other things which I decided were non-negotiable. Things that truly did matter. As opposed to a self-imposed deadline which I created for myself too many years ago.

All that being said, if you still want/and or need a new monthly calendar, here it is. In all its TARDY GLORY.

JUNE 2017 Desktop Calendar

To use this calendar on your desktop, just click on the image to download.  Happy June!

“Society Street” is a painting from Charleston, SC .

I created it back in 2012.

Back when I didn’t feel like I had the power to choose what mattered MOST to me.

I chose to use “Society Street” for the month of June — because I am actually back in the very same Charleston, taking part in the very same Art Show I participated in when I was staying in this very home. 

So how is it that I suddenly had time for this calendar?

RAIN DAY!! (That is the only reason.) 

If you want to follow my super-fun (but also super-duper-hard)  adventure which caused the June calendar to be late – just visit my Facebook page at MarieScottArt to see photos from my time at the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Otherwise, I hope that this calendar will remind you during this month of June that you TOO — have choices.

And since March is long past, I will say it one more time. To myself and to anyone else who is listening…

“You cannot do it all.
Choose wisely.
Because balance is a myth.”

Until next time,
Marie Scott


PS In case you didn’t get my 2017 “All that is Good” wall calendar and were curious, here is the March painting which I titled “Balance.”  


(I have this painting with me at the show! And it is still for sale. For NOW!)


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