“Man Jeans” vs. “Fashion Jeans” (cast your vote!)

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    We’ve got a hot topic in our family that’s causing some serious disagreement. And it turns out we’re divided completely along gender lines.

    Chris, Tim and Ken think that there are definite times when wearing “Man Jeans” is completely appropriate. They would feel confident wearing their Man Jeans while doing basically anything that doesn’t include their wives.

    Lori, Marie, and Doris strongly disagree with this position. With the exception of possibly wearing them while doing manual labor, the women feel that the “Man Jeans” are sadly out-of-date, and not classic.

    We think that you should just wear your “old” Fashion Jeans for any situation were you wouldn’t want to get your “good” Fashion Jeans dirty or ruined. We think that Fashion Jeans are really all a man needs in his wardrobe.

    What do YOU think? Are “Man Jeans” a classic, timeless style, or have they gone the way of pleated and striped jeans — which have become a style you should never wear in public? (This is assuming that either you — or your wife — are fashion conscious.)

    Please vote on the appropriate poll for your gender.

    Here’s an interesting article on how one guy found a way to wear his “Fashion Jeans” more comfortably…wearing Women’s Levi’s!

4 thoughts on ““Man Jeans” vs. “Fashion Jeans” (cast your vote!)

  1. No, no, no on the man jeans! Man jeans are really mom jeans – of the high-waisted, unflattering, poorly cut style. I think men should be embarrassed to wear them because not only are they are a horrid fashion faux pas, but they are also girly. What man wants to look like an unfashionable girl???

    I am quite passionate on this subject, obviously.

    However, I will say that Tahd took a trip to Salvation Army because he had run out of “proper” work jeans and didn’t want to mess up a pair of his fashion jeans so he bought some man jeans to fill the gap. I whined about them so much that he went back and bought some different ones I found more appropriate! lol

    Don’t even get me started on the fact that he thought it would be a great idea to buy a pair of overalls. Thankfully he couldn’t find any…

  2. Those “man” jeans should be against the law! They should join the ranks of shirts from old girl friends and baseball caps from college and beer bellies as things that men should either give up or never acquire if they want to continue to be attractive to the women they worked hard to attract in the first place.

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