A whole new view for August (But where is this place??)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCCan you guess the location of this painting? It was inspired by a photo I took one beautiful summer day while on vacation. The path led to an amazing view of a sparkling body of water. Regardless of whether you recognize, or have been to’ the location of this […]

gold vs. black (cast your vote!)

Export to PDF | Export to DOC I found out this week that I was accepted into the Picolo Spoleto Outdoor Juried Fine Art Exhibition, held in Charleston, SC this May and June. It’s part of the events surrounding the Spoleto Festival USA, which I guess is a pretty big deal for South Carolina. I’m […]

“Man Jeans” vs. “Fashion Jeans” (cast your vote!)

I need some help in winning an argument. “Man Jeans” vs. “Fashion Jeans” Please cast your vote! on my blog… http://wp.me/pvDJ0-Kq

What’s your strategy at the library?

How do you choose a library book? Do you have a book in mind when you go, or are you hoping one will jump off the shelf and call your name?

What do you like to look at?

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI’m looking at six big blank canvasses, and wondering what kind of series I should begin painting next. I know what I like to paint, but have never really asked what my fans like to look at. Please cast your vote!